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Beginners guide to ethical shopping

We all wish to contribute our bit to save the environment and be ethical when it comes to any activity we do. This extends to shopping basics as well. May be like you most of us are unaware of how to proceed and what steps to undertake to ensure that you do not become a… Continue reading Beginners guide to ethical shopping

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Latest ethnic trends for 2020

2019 has been a year of fashion ideas that had amazing fits and color pops. From ruffles to bell sleeves, neon colors and earthy tones, it was a year of detailing and comfort. Let’s talk about what we feel could rule the market in ethnic trends in 2020. All Things Sustainable Sustainable fashion became the… Continue reading Latest ethnic trends for 2020


A modern woman in love with her roots

Modernity is not about deviating to western culture or idealism. Modernity is all about embracing the contemporary without belittling the importance of traditionalism. Being a modern woman means someone who knows to fight the battles of life like a warrior, who knows to cuddle her baby and sing a lullaby, who knows to be a… Continue reading A modern woman in love with her roots