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Anarkalis – the new charm in festive wear

Ready for attending the next do? At Luxurion World we like all of you to be party ready and flaunt yourself as being the rand ambassadors of Luxurion World. Wear your anarkali, team it with chaand baalis or hop earrings, style yourself with your stilettos and be the fashion icon you have always looked. . . #handloom #authentic #ethnic #saree #salwaykamiz

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Gadwal – The Pride of Andhra.

  An exciting and enamoring mix of cotton and silk, Gadwal sarees are just the requisite when you wish to drape an easy to wear saree yet with a dressy feel. The most notable feature is its being extremely light weight, so much so, that it can be folded down to the size of a… Continue reading Gadwal – The Pride of Andhra.

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Festivals in India are mainly a day to socialize and symbolize togetherness and joyfulness. Makar Sankranti is regarded as important for spiritual practices and is a day dedicated to the Lord Sun. It marks the Sun’s transit into Makara (Capricorn) marking the end of winter solstice and beginning of longer days. It is considered auspicious… Continue reading Makarsankranti

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Grace and culture shook hands

The garment which defines the sensuality of a woman in the new yards of magnificence and perseverance of the weavers does not deserve a standing ovation. It is the grace of a saree that brings out the poise and allure of the wearer in a way that she is not only confident of herself but… Continue reading Grace and culture shook hands

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A happy and prosperous New Year 2020!

Christmas is around the corner and yes, we all have been getting the feel of jingling bells, festive tingles and the cities decked in the flavour of celebration. North India reeling under intense cold wave would probably won’t even be surprised if they spot reindeers on a sledge! Yes, it’s that cold! By now you… Continue reading A happy and prosperous New Year 2020!

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Wedding season has finally arrived

With the advent of wedding season, it is the glamour of the occasion that lights life with joy and anticipation. More so when there is a wedding in the family or friend circle, the event becomes a looking-forward to the celebration. There is so much to be done and always very little time in the… Continue reading Wedding season has finally arrived

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Handlooms – a regal choice

Handloom fabrics are essentially fabrics that are woven by hand on a manually- operated loom, with the most commonly used one being the pit loom. This is an age-old traditional craft that is now a booming industry in the fashion arena. The handloom industry involves a community that has been practicing an artisanal skill or… Continue reading Handlooms – a regal choice


A modern woman in love with her roots

Modernity is not about deviating to western culture or idealism. Modernity is all about embracing the contemporary without belittling the importance of traditionalism. Being a modern woman means someone who knows to fight the battles of life like a warrior, who knows to cuddle her baby and sing a lullaby, who knows to be a… Continue reading A modern woman in love with her roots

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KARVA CHAUTH – The festival of moon, bangles and beauty.

“ Ve Veero Kuriye Karwara, Ve Sarv Suhagan Karwara” For an Indian woman, the celebration of togetherness as a married couple is the greatest festive occasion of the year. Karva Chauth is observed by women, especially of the North West India, for the longevity and wellness of their husband. The grand celebration requires the women… Continue reading KARVA CHAUTH – The festival of moon, bangles and beauty.