These antique statement pieces will perfectly compliment your wardrobe!

Hey there lovelies! Every outfit that you wear is incomplete without a statement piece to complete it. Be it a bag, neckpieces, shoes or even your signature scent. Today’s blog is about such necklaces, that will compliment every outfit you wear. To make sure your wardrobe is on point, check our website.

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A glimpse to Indian jewelry at Luxurion World

With the auspicious festival of Akshaya Tritiya round the corner, all we can think about is jewelry. Though it is customary to buy gold and silver ornaments on this day, it is also great to go for gold plated ones that give a similar look and are handy to carry while traveling to attend a… Continue reading A glimpse to Indian jewelry at Luxurion World

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Wedding season has finally arrived

With the advent of wedding season, it is the glamour of the occasion that lights life with joy and anticipation. More so when there is a wedding in the family or friend circle, the event becomes a looking-forward to the celebration. There is so much to be done and always very little time in the… Continue reading Wedding season has finally arrived

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KARVA CHAUTH – The festival of moon, bangles and beauty.

“ Ve Veero Kuriye Karwara, Ve Sarv Suhagan Karwara” For an Indian woman, the celebration of togetherness as a married couple is the greatest festive occasion of the year. Karva Chauth is observed by women, especially of the North West India, for the longevity and wellness of their husband. The grand celebration requires the women… Continue reading KARVA CHAUTH – The festival of moon, bangles and beauty.

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Jewelry: A woman’s most precious adornment.

“Jewellery is like the perfect spice- it always complements what’s already there. Ethnic jewellery has the power to transform a simple outfit to sophisticate and a festive outfit to glamorous, in an instant. These days, traditional charm of antique pieces are back to wow women of all age groups. One may spot a college-goer sporting… Continue reading Jewelry: A woman’s most precious adornment.

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Handloom – the weaves of India

Whenever we think of Handloom, we get a picture of countless artisans working endlessly to be a part of the largest cottage industry of our country. It is the relentless pursuit of these craftsmen to not only compete with the machine loom but also better it in every way. This Handloom Day they all deserve… Continue reading Handloom – the weaves of India

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Foot fetish – trendy anklets

Ethnic wear in its full fledged avatar requires a lot of accessories to go with it to complete its look. Just like the traditional garments have undergone a makeover to suit contemporary taste, so have the accessories. One of the most favourite one among woman is ‘payal’ which has transformed into a modern anklet. Its… Continue reading Foot fetish – trendy anklets