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Grace and culture shook hands

The garment which defines the sensuality of a woman in the new yards of magnificence and perseverance of the weavers does not deserve a standing ovation. It is the grace of a saree that brings out the poise and allure of the wearer in a way that she is not only confident of herself but… Continue reading Grace and culture shook hands

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The embodiment of all art converges at Rann

Kutch is not part of the usual tourist trail. Its spectacular views, with the amazing sea of white sand stretching endlessly, beyond the horizons, are what keep you enraptured, to the core. The breathtaking escapade of the Rann of Kutch becomes all the more alluring in the winters when the beauty reaches it's paramount and… Continue reading The embodiment of all art converges at Rann

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Sukhī durgā pujō

The festival of Durga Puja which reveres and pays homage to Goddess Durga is predominantly celebrated in the eastern part of the country. The ten days festival which culminates on Dussehra is marked by scripture recitations, revelry, gift exchanging, family visits, feasting and visiting Pandals. As per mythology, the festival marks the victory of Goddess… Continue reading Sukhī durgā pujō

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BESPOKE – Turn your imaginations into creations.

“The joy of dressing is an art.” It is the individual style sense that speaks of this art we possess. We all wish to look different from the rest; a class apart, so that we create a distinct fashion identity of ourselves. Each one of us has a sleeping designer in us who wishes to… Continue reading BESPOKE – Turn your imaginations into creations.

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Welcome the Goddess in our Festive Edit

Navratri invokes a feeling of religious fervor and festive exuberance in a concoction which appeases all. Come Navratri, and the atmosphere is drenched in excitement almost so contagious that it affects people of all age groups. Throughout the length and breadth of our country, the festival is celebrated in divine ways. Yet the one thing… Continue reading Welcome the Goddess in our Festive Edit

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Trending Now – Chanderi

The pride of draping fabric is not just about trends and fashions. It is a metaphor for timeless feminity, a synonym for tasteful sensuality. When we pick a particular artform to wear it to an occasion, we reflect our choice in our personality which mirrors who we are. The modern woman wants the dressing to… Continue reading Trending Now – Chanderi

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The golden aura of Onam

The festival of Onam brings along with it all the colors of Kerala, where it is primarily celebrated. It’s history, its culture, its beliefs all come alive during ten-day Onam festivities. Onam is celebrated to mark the homecoming of the King Mahabali who is believed to be the greatest king ever in Kerala. This festival… Continue reading The golden aura of Onam