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Gara Sarees

Ladies, you are in for a show of a master craft, whose excellence runs beyond words! A textile style which is so delicate and intrinsic that will have you totally spellbound. A piece of handicraft that is true heritage! Eager to know what we are talking about? It’s the Parsi Embroidery Saree in the form of Gara sarees.… Continue reading Gara Sarees

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The wholesomeness of the silks

For all of us, silk is synonym with celebration, with comfort, with timeless grace; with heritage weaves, with a perfect gifting idea! It is the most frequently used fabric for bridal wear and groom wear too. It is opulent, classy, lavish and fancy. And friends, it is also our namesake- luxurious silks at LuxurionWorld!! . . . #silk #authenticsilk #onlinesilk #handloom #authentic

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Ravishing look of Bandhej Sarees

Somehow Bandhej sarees denote happiness and a lot of positivity for us. Do you also feel the same? Then, it is just the right choice for you to sail through the upcoming festive and marriage season. Just like the products on Luxurion World, we feel that being happy never goes out of style! Stay stylish dear ladies, today and forever! . . #bandhani #banarasi #rajasthan #uttarpradesh #authentic

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#WomenWeSalute: Inspirational Tales Of Incredible Women

Amidst the corona pandemic, we women are seriously having our hands full, right? From being first time barbers for the men/boys of our house to doubling as household help to taking up challenges of working from home and a host of other duties. We women rise up against all odds and find ways to make… Continue reading #WomenWeSalute: Inspirational Tales Of Incredible Women

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Kota Doria: A summer trend you’ll love to wear!

The beauty of garments remains in the fact that we have such a huge variety of fabrics to choose from. You cannot compare one with the other. Every fabric has a different story to tell and different ways to charm you with its exquisiteness. One such enamouring fabric is Kota Doria. In this scorching summer… Continue reading Kota Doria: A summer trend you’ll love to wear!