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Introduction to Karigar’s Story

When we see a woman clad in an exclusive artwork saree; what is the first thing that crosses our mind. Isn’t it glorifying the woman’s taste and trying to find out which store it is from. Have we ever thought of the craftsmen, the karigars who have painstakingly done the hand craft. Have we over… Continue reading Introduction to Karigar’s Story

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Handloom – the weaves of India

Whenever we think of Handloom, we get a picture of countless artisans working endlessly to be a part of the largest cottage industry of our country. It is the relentless pursuit of these craftsmen to not only compete with the machine loom but also better it in every way. This Handloom Day they all deserve… Continue reading Handloom – the weaves of India

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Luxury Market combined with Sustainability in India

Luxury market in India is constantly growing and reaching new bounds. The entry of foreign luxury brands along with a growth in indigenous luxury brands hasexponentially raised this market segment. The market place offered by India is an exciting challenge for a lot of luxury retailers thanks to the diversity, volume and purchasing power of… Continue reading Luxury Market combined with Sustainability in India