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A happy and prosperous New Year 2020!

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Christmas is around the corner and yes, we all have been getting the feel of jingling bells, festive tingles and the cities decked in the flavour of celebration. North India reeling under intense cold wave would probably won’t even be surprised if they spot reindeers on a sledge! Yes, it’s that cold! By now you must be ready with your Christmas lunch and dinner menu dressing and the gifting ideas to your friends and relatives. What about your dressing? Don’t tell us you are wearing a gown again to soak in the western ideas of the celebratory mode. What about an ethnic do? Surprised? Well, do not be. We at Luxurion world will tell you why and how. Keep reading.
With the global fashion trends available at the click of a button in this digital age, we are all abreast of the developments in the fashion fraternity. What amazes me is how well and how proudly the western socialites and Hollywood icons embrace Indian wear in all its grace and traditionalism. We have seen Oprah Winfrey, Selina Gomez, Julia Roberts, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie and so many more fashionistas wear traditional sarees and look every bit a diva, splendour, as a graceful picture of themselves. Indian sarees have gone global and how! They are now no more to be stacked and taken out on Indian festivals and pujas to be worn. They are casual wear, formal wear, celebratory
wear, wedding wear and more. You cannot confine the likes and love of a saree wearer to a country or an occasion.
Our own Bollywood divas proudly flaunt sarees in their West sojourn whether it is the Cannes Festival or other red carpet occasions. We have seen Priyanka Chopra wear a saree in Joe Jonas wedding and look smashing hot. What you can experiment with a saree, you cannot with any other costume. If you want to look hot, don a saree; if you want to look traditional, a saree again; and if you want to look graceful, saree is the best bet. Mould your styles by altering in blouse designs and saree tying style to get a complete makeover of your look.
This Christmas it is time for something new to beckon. Something which is appealing, innovative and strikes a chord with all is worth exploring, right? Make it more interesting in your desi swag by wearing a saree and dancing to the tunes of the lovely carols. When you say saree, it is Luxurion World that you should stop at, because the range of exclusive handloom pieces available here is a marvel to witness. Talk of any fabric, any artwork any colour or any design and you have it here. This Christmas makes it merrier for the weavers as well by shopping from us! Wish all you wonderful people, a very happy, joyous and merry Christmas! Stay happy, stay blessed and stay in touch with us!