Bhagalpuri dress code from the Silk City itself.

Bhagalpur is popularly known as the Silk City of India, and rightly so. Bhagalpur is one of the most fertile ranges  of India, blessed by River Ganga herself. Along with giving us our daily bread, and our melodious Kishore Kumar, this city has blessed us with the Queen of all Fabrics that is Bhagalpuri Silk. Bhagalpuri Silk has added to the beauty of women all over the world. Renowned all over the world, this saree is a blessing to your wardrobe as it is wearable at formal as well as festive occasions.

The Smart City initiative by the Government in collaboration with Ecroys India Private Limited has helped boost trade in Bhagalpur, which has helped Bhagalpuri Silks to re-emerge with a boost. This has also revived the Silk Industry and brought to us varieties of silks like Tussar Silk, Kora Silk, Katia Silk, Ghicha Silk, Eri Silk, Mulberry Silk and so on.

Compared to other weaving traditions, Bhagalpur has stayed attached to the roots and is one of the most ancient weaving cultures of India. Being attached to its culture hasn’t deterred the industry from stepping into new territories. The modern day Bhagalpur is available as cushion covers, table covers, curtains, bedsheets, and much more.

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